“ Nick is one of the most gifted people in his understanding of the Thoth Tarot and its philosophical principles but what makes him an amazing tarot reader is his ability to give a practical and down to earth reading sensitive to the needs of the client.”

– David H.

“I recommend Nick’s readings vividly. He is able to offer insights on the various aspects of life both in an intuitive and a scholar manner. To me, that is what sets him apart as you will get a reading with careful, in depth explanation of the cards in a way that makes sense  to you and it becomes a learning possibility.”

– Débora

I was truly, truly astounded. And it is in the details you do not know and the things I have working behind the scenes that make it all so incredibly acute and accurate. Again, I will respond properly later, but you are not a charlatan. You truly have been given a gift. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.”


“I am really impressed as you were right on about my current situation. Everything you said was spot on, your interpretation was nothing short of amazing.”



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