3-Card Spread Example

Awhile back I did a post on 3-Card Spreads that tried to demonstrate the great utility of the 3-Card Spread. Today, I’d like to show you more specifically how I read the 3-C, which may be different from what you’re used to.


The question I asked was, “What are three goals I should make this year at work?” I’ve been feeling a bit of a slump lately and I’m not entirely sure what direction the group I lead is going in.

The first three cards were the 8 of Wands, III The Empress, and the Prince of Swords. These are our three main ideas.

The second row of XVI The Tower, IX The Hermit, and II The Priestess, elaborate upon these main ideas. They represent concepts that are either connected to, or are the result of their respective counterparts.

The last row, the Princess of Swords, Knight of Disks, and VII The Chariot, conclude the string created vertically. They represent the results of each main idea – where each concept is headed. Usually it becomes an interwoven narrative, where the initial row is the paragraph and the columns are the individual sentences.

The last card is an overall advice card that I like to pull. Obviously the spread has more than 3 cards, but I believe that structurally this still functions enough like a true 3-card spread where the difference theoretically is negligible, and the utility is made more apparent.

So what does it mean?

1st Main Idea: 8 of Wands, aspected by XVI and Princess of Swords

The 8 of Wands represented hurrying through things, doing things quickly to get them done. Things will quickly disintegrate (XVI The Tower)  if I’m not careful (Princess of Swords).


2nd Main Idea: III The Empress, aspected by IX The Hermit and Knight of Disks

The Empress suggests creativity, as well as a nurturing energy. I can hope to counteract any carelessness by remaining true to my vision (IX The Hermit), and by putting those ideals into my practical work (Knight of Disks) in a loving way.


3d Main Idea: Prince of Swords, aspected by II The Priestess and VII The Chariot

I have a lot of ideas, and little focus. More emphasis here on needing to remain true to myself and having greater faith in these ideas (II The Priestess) so that I will have greater determination and discipline to bring them to completion (VII The Chariot).

Overall Advice: 9 of Wands

Be patient and keep going forward. Don’t slacken, persevere.

Now it’s your turn. Give this a shot if you haven’t already and let me know what you think? Leave a comment below with your results.

Thanks for reading!



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